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Inside this Training you Will learn Through Case Studies:

  • Suzanne Duret's behind-the-scenes on how she reached Tony Robbins to write her book Foreword, raised capital in record time, landed jobs that tripled her income, helped her clients achieve amazing results, and how YOU can create your own desired outcomes

  • How to create business, sales, or job opportunities out of thin air with laser-targeted tactics that will produce mind-blowing outcomes

  • The results-driven difference between developing a strategy vs. "Painting the Vision"

  • Key elements of high-converting tactics that go beyond the overall strategy to land on others giving you a YES

  • The simple art of creative thinking to land on what will motivate others to give you a YES

  • The psychology behind creating an outcome you want that actually happens

  • The hidden value of setting aside assumptions and judgments in ANY situation





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Inside this groundbreaking book, you'll learn:

  • Dan Henry's proven script, developed over five years, that turns even the most skeptical prospects into raving fans.

  • The secret formula for crafting irresistible offers your audience can't refuse

  • How to quickly grow your email list with laser-targeted subscribers who are eager to buy from you

  • Uncover the key elements of a high-converting lead magnet that attracts genuine buyers

  • Learn the psychology behind irresistible offers and how to apply it to your business

  • Discover how to save time and money by avoiding common lead magnet pitfalls

  • Master the art of nurturing your email list and turning subscribers into repeat customers

  • Finally understand how to run cost-effective ads that bring in quality leads


creating lead magnets that attract tire-kickers instead of serious buyers? 

"Hey maybe like me, you're out there making things happen and want to have even greater success in everything. . . because that's who you are.

I learned by mistake, and by following my gut, that anything is possible if you first set assumptions aside, dare to take a different approach, and build your confidence on the back of knowing you structured a YES before even making the ask.

Introducing Painting The Vision, the ultimate case study training that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at this process in action so you can understand how to use it yourself over and over again.

This training has been developed by me, a lifetime serial entrepreneur who trail blazed my way past having no college education, no trust-fund bank account, no formal business training, and no anything except a shameless desire to succeed.

What you'll learn in this training has been developed over 25 years of trial and success, so you can finally stop leaving opportunities on the table and know how to always find a way to make things happen."

~Suzanne Duret

Who this is for and the GROUNDBREAKING case studies

Suzanne has helped entrepreneurs, corporate execs, inventors, legal and financial professionals, coaches & consultants, sales reps, solopreneurs, students, and more. Now, she's sharing her expertise with you!

During this short and highly impactful training you will…

  • Learn how Suzanne reached Tony Robbins and moved him to write the Foreword to her book, and how YOU can use this framework to reach influencers, people outside of your network, and others you have been unable to get in front of.

  • Hear the case study of how a CEO added millions annually to his bottom-line because Suzanne "Painted the Vision" for him to agree to something he was reluctant to do, and how you can create a successful outcome for yourself or your clients by incorporating elements of this approach.

  • Understand from one of the case studies how removing judgement, and Painting The Vision with several people, landed $1.4 million of funding in under 45 days from total strangers; a process you can use in countless ways to reach the right people and achieve your own goals for getting to a YES.

  • Learn how creative thinking landed lucrative contracts that changed the trajectory of a startup, and how you can open more doors by flipping the switch on how someone may engage with you.

  • Be wowed by how job opportunities were created and landed by breaking from traditional approaches and instead Painting The Vision for decision-makers who said YES, and how you too can do the same whether job hunting or seeking a collaboration.


Dr. Tom Hanson ~ Performance / Leadership Expert, Author, Founder Heads Up Performance

"Whatever your next dream or big goal is, you've got to get other people on board. But how do you do that? Painting the Vision reveals the process to you. It's like going from a scary blank canvas to a simple paint-by-numbers approach."

Hayley Paige ~ CEO, Onyx Publishing

"Suzanne's Painting the Vision training provides key insights into achieving BIG goals quickly. She demonstrates incremental steps centered on creative thinking with actionable strategies. This is perfect when looking to open doors and accomplish big things within a short period of time."

Jeff Davis ~ Award-Winning Author, Professional Speaker, CEO/Founder Jeff Davis International

"Suzanne's training is top-notch. Her practical wisdom is so much more than strategy - it's revolutionary to your business and your life. I've used these principles to experience Mountaintop Moments and I can tell you that these gems of insight really work! The case studies shared throughout the training are so valuable and relevant to your success. This is a training you will want to watch and re-watch."

Barb Wade ~ Executive Coach & Speaker

"What I love about Suzanne’s training is that it's impactful and wildly inspiring at the same time. The case studies provide wonderful examples of not falling prey to perceived limitations, and instead being creative and resourceful - it’s amazing how often this approach has generated miracles! Suzanne herself has a track record second to none, and this training shows you that all is possible with the right mindset and intentional next steps. Love the variety of case studies!"

Sean Patrick ~ Founder, Charityy Podcast Services

"There is something for everyone in this training with many ah-ha moments (or as Suzanne says, Golden Nuggets). She provides great insights into how to frame your mindset about opening doors to opportunities, and how to effectively strategize from the perspective of others you want to engage with. I've also learned to be more open-minded and resourceful about how to reach key players for my business goals, and what the path to those people could look like."

Virginia Fox ~ Bestselling Author, Therapist, Coach

"I want to be Suzanne when I grow up. Seriously, Painting The Vision doesn't only give you great insight on how to approach your strategies, negotiation partners, or anything in life to guarantee a great result/outcome... but really inspires you to reach for the stars (and believing you can do it). Short and to the point this training fits well into anyone's busy life. Thank you so much for your valuable insights Suzanne, I'm putting them to good use."

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